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Healthy Monday’s

Good Morning! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Monday’s are a day for new beginnings. It’s a day you can use as a reset button.  There’s even a pu...

Measles, Measles Everywhere

Measles, Measles Everywhere
Right now, the US and Europe are experiencing measles outbreaks.  In the US, just one case in an area or state is considered an outbreak.  Let me r...

Celebrate National Healthcare Center Week

National Healthcare Center Week Events


The Monday Campaigns

I hope everyone had a good weekend.   Most Monday’s I post a healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes for Meatless Monday but did you know there’s a wh...

Flood Safety

It’s been raining buckets across the country and dangerous floods have happened in some cities as a result of all of that rain. Do you know how to ...

How to prevent those pesky mosquito bites

Mosquito bite prevention

Meatless Monday! Whatcha cooking?

I'll be honest, my diet has been horrible the last few weeks, between school, work and other life happenings, fast food has been a steady companion...

Nice Cream

Innovative Nice Cream Recipes.

Nice Cream

Innovative Nice Cream Recipes.

Stay Hydrated with These Delicious Infused Water Recipes

I've talked a lot about staying hydrated this summer, but haven't provided any examples of how to do so.  That changes now. Water is good, but why ...

How to properly remove a tick

'Tis the season for ticks! Learn how to properly remove them below. Better yet, let's learn how to ...

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! Let us know forget the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, as well as the families they left behind....