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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I'm not talking about breaking up with a spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend. I'm talking about breaking up with people you do business with, whether it's your hairstylist, manicurist, healthcare provider, or even a restaurant you frequent regularly. 

Why does it feel like such a big task?  Most likely the people you’re separating from, won't miss you if you stop coming to them? But every time, it's like, do I just stop going, do I tell them why I'm not coming?  Especially, for healthcare providers, and it’s a staffing problem, or response time issue, do you let management or the provide know, why you're unhappy? Many times the provider has no idea of the actual problems patients may be having with staff and would address the issue if they knew there was an issue.

What if it's your longterm hairstylist do you just stop going and then your stylist sees you out and about with your hair all done up. Do you awkwardly disk and hide so they don't see you, or stop and speak and say ”Hi, nice to see you.” and stumble over why you haven't been coming. To be fair, when I did get my hair done more regularly I did have the main stylist and a backup stylist, but that's not what I'm talking about, I'm talking about straight-up ghosting your stylist.  

Do I think saying something to a business owner is helpful? It can be, but not everyone is willing to listen, which is a shame because it is often a simple fix for the business. Do I think it has to be you or me that tells a business why you are leaving?  No, and your indecisiveness about whether to say something should not be the deciding factor on whether you stay. As sure as the day is long someone else is having the same thoughts as you and the business will know why they are losing people, either by your words or someone else’s. 

The bottom line is, if you're thinking about no longer patronizing a business, it's probably time to go. The seed has been planted in your head, and you should probably listen to that seed, especially it's related to a healthcare provider. We have to be our own advocates. 

Have you struggled with breaking up with a business?

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